Two-car garages and row of garages

3S prefabricated garage »Doppel Berlin 16«


Prefabricated garages with a width of 5.50 m, and a length of up to 8.77 m
without partition wall, with sectional door and canopy.
These sturdy and very spacious prefabricated garages offer plenty of space for storing anything you like. This big garage, however, can also be used for other purposes. Windows and doors can be inserted on any side, and the walls can be fitted with the 3S special consoles, in order to attach shelves or a workbench.
The pretty canopy protects you from the rain when opening the door. The extremely broad roof is perfectly constructed, from the architectural point of view. Specially designed angles for the sides of the roof further enhance the garage's look and are always included in the package. The gutters and the drainpipe (with their corresponding brackets) are affixed to the projection of the prefabricated garages.

The electrically driven sectional door is remote-controlled, with sound damping cavity sealing, a bolt on each side, nylon bearing, buffers and a security cylinder lock.


3S two-car garage Freiburg


Tiled saddle roof 30, the "S-class" garage. A nice and inexpensive two-car garage.
The prefabricated garage Freiburg with the big
30 saddle roof is more a house than a garage. Sometimes the building laws dictate a gabled roof. Many clients also opt for the attractive garage Freiburg in order to have additional storage space under the high roof. It can be used as an attic room and is easily accessable. The roof truss on top of this sturdy garage is made according to the laws of carpentry. As a special option, you can order the 3S prefabricated garages Freiburg with natural-red brand name roof tiles. It is possible to build them right on the border to the neighbour's plot, since the gutters are placed on the front and on the back  not on the neighbour's side. In many countries you can erect buildings of up to 9 m length right on the border between plots without having to ask the neighbour's permission. We are happy to advise you concerning this issue.

On the other hand, and thanks to the 3S construction system, this garage is top quality at a comparatively low price. Like all 3S products, it is easy to build. No frost-proof foundations, no digging-in of posts: only if it is erected on a solid, flat base and using the dry construction method, it remains adaptable and movable.

The swing door, which is galvanised and primed, has a bolt on each side and a security lock, and is included in the price of the garage.
As an extra, the tip-up door can be coated with a synthetical panel in a pine-design.
Two doors (one as the entrance and the other as the exit)
can be inserted in all Freiburg garages.

Easy assembly of the prefabricated parts!


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