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garage made of reinforced concrete with monopitch roof,
3S-Berlin 14, is 3.90 m wide.


This spacious garage can be ordered in four basic sizes and also as a double-deep model up to 12.45 m, as a single- or two-car garage or as a row of garages. You will find the multiple garages in our price list, in the section for garages in rows.

The Berlin 14, like all our products, can easily be erected by yourself, thanks to the 3S modular construction system. It has a high economic value, since it is extremely versatile due to its size. No frost-proof foundations, no digging-in of posts: only if it is erected on a solid, flat base and using the dry construction method, it remains adaptable and movable.

A very important characteristic of the 3S garages is the ventilation that circulates from the floor to the roof. The roof, made of moulded boards with special measurements, drains towards the back, also, if necessary towards the front, depending on the shortest connection to the sewerage system. A special flap is available in case you choose to divert and collect the rain water. Specially designed angles for the sides of the rooffurther enhance the garage's look, and are always included in the package. PVC-gutters and the drainpipe (with their corresponding brackets) are affixed to the projection, and if it is a double-deep garage, on the front and the back.

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The 3S-Berlin 14 Garage - new,
München 14/250 High

The extremely broad door - galvanised and primed, with a bolt on each side, and a security lock - is included in the price of the garage.
Automatic door openers, ready to be screwed on, are especially practical for this broad door. Sizes 4, 6 and 8 can be delivered as a special model with two doors (one as the entrance and the other as the exit)with gutters on the front and the back.
Up to size 3, the models can also have the gutters on the front side. Sizes 6 and 8 are double garages where two cars can be parked one behind the other, and have gutters on the front and the back side.


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