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Prefabricated house 38

The ideal prefabricated house by 3S offers unique advantages:
It is extremely good value, due to its modern manufacturing techniques and inexpensive foundations.

Quick construction in approx. 10 to 15 days, using 17mm spanners instead of cement or mortar and trowel. Fixed price for the 3S assembly service.

Completely variable in size and interior layout - the attic can be fitted out if necessary. Thanks to the 3S-modular construction system, windows and doors can be placed according to your wishes. The modular house can be panelled easily using the 3S-clip set in order to make it wintersafe. Its insulation is excellent, complying with the Insulation Standards for Residential Units (DIN 4108) valid from 1st January 1995. Healthy living climate. Biologically healthy construction.

Our proof of quality: 25-year warranty for the
3S pre-cast concrete parts. The 3S house, officially quality- and type-checked by the German Official Examination Institute for Construction Materials, is top quality from Germany.

Our services include: quick delivery on request, the friendly 3S after-sales service and, of course, the planning application.

Pergolas and terraces provide a harmonious link between the house and the garden.


3S prefabricated house with partly hipped roof
3S house-clients, family B., from Wandlitz, wrote to us on 22nd November
"It was great fun to see our house being built exactly as we had always imagined it. We have realized that it is the ideal house for "do-it-yourselfers". Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to get our own four walls at a moderate price. We are very proud of our house. Everybody who has seen it, has been completly stunned. And a lot of people have seen it! 3S is the cost-effective alternative to a "conventionally" built house. We would gladly do it again."

Balcony 4.30 m wide x 1.80 m or 2.70 m deep for a 3S prefabricated house

The 3S balcony offers the inhabitants of the attic of the 3S house the possibility to enjoy the sun and fresh air.

The robust beams made of solid wood are affixed directly to the house with galvanised steel consoles. The wooden construction is supported by the 3S concrete posts (B55). They are rot-proof and anchored in the ground. They are covered with robust wooden boards. A custom-designed railing can be affixed to the strong construction. The surface is completely safe to walk on. On request, we will provide you with structural calculations without additional costs.
As an exit to the balcony, a veranda door can be inserted in the gable. A veranda window or a wooden pivot window, 115 cm high, provides the attic with sufficient additional light.
An extra skylight (Velux or similar), can also be built in as the interior works are being carried out, e.g. for the bathroom, as soon as its exact position is known (standard inner distance between the rafters, 84 cm).



Balcony 4.30 m x 1.80 m for 3S prefabricated house 38
Size 6 with decorative half-timbering

S house-clients wrote:
Mr S., from Berlin, on 16th November
"I would like to thank you and your company very much for the information pack which I received very quickly. This speaks for the good service that your company provides to its client. The same is true for your personal advisory service."


3S prefabricated house 30 made of solid pre-cast concrete parts, from 60 m


3S prefabricated house 30 Size 10, 132 m, penthouse roof

3S house-client Roland T.
from Bargteheide, wrote on 19th April:
"Following the completion of my 3S house, I would like to thank you for carrying out the construction work so quickly and unbureaucratically. We would never have thought it possible that the house could be completed that quickly.
When we suddely had to vacate our flat earlier than planned, ... your technical advisor, who was responsible for the erection and completion, told us that there was a chance ofo getting it all ready in the remaining 2 1/2 months, since we already had the planning permission.
Our friends and new neighbours could hardly believe what they were seeing daily with their own eyes: after 2 1/2 months our house was indeed ready for us to move in!
We would like to express our thanks to you and your technical advisor, who organised everthing to perfection. We already feel very much at home in our 3S house and would not hesitate to recommend you to any future client."

for example:

3S prefabricated house 38 Size 6 is a sturdy house made of prefabricated parts and consequently cost-effective, with 126.18 m living space for a big family or two flats



Ground floor 77.37m living space, attic 48.81m, 8.86m x 10.08m=89.31m built surface; includes planning application, delivery, erection (approx. 10 to 15 days), ground floor made of 3S concrete, wooden roof truss covered with real roofing tiles, erected on finished floor boards or basement, including penthouse roof at the entrance and 14 wooden tilt-and-turn windows with insulating glass, 115cm high, 120cm wide, 1 wooden tilted window with insulating glass, 66cm high for the entrance area, 1 country house door,
1 veranda door and 1 veranda window 1.10m x 2.145 m,
1 bower 2.64m x 5.3m, PVC gutters, exterior paint, erection and instructions by our 3S technical advisor.
The cost of each house is calculated with the assembly-kit building-system and put together for you according to our pricelist.
You can also do this yourself at home, thanks to the fixed price for every building part.

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Young line - something special for the young family.

Prefabricated house 38 living area 126 m

incl. ges. MwSt


the prefabricated house yourself in the style that best fits the landscape

Panelled wall, with plaster or clinker face


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