3S offer you and your family
the better way to a beautiful prefabricated house that will retain its value.

Although 3S' prefabricated houses are made of high-quality,
sturdy pre-cast concrete parts,
they cost less than conventional brick houses and, in many cases, even less than wooden prefabricated houses. You are perfectly right to ask, "how can this be possible?" Our secret: On the building site, the different parts that are produced in our factory with the highest precision, are assembled without cement or mortar, making the whole procedure much quicker. It is so easy to build our prefabricated houses quickly and precisely. Apart from this, they are simply nice to look at; fire- and burglar-proof; environmentally friendly; and they retain their value for an almost infinite period of time. The excellent sound-proofing will improve your quality of life.

When you look at the 3S-model selection, you will see that, thanks to our modular construction system, each prefabricated house can be assembled, in 1.25-metre sections, at any length you desire. The 3S modular construction system also allows you to choose the number and position of the doors and windows. Even the layout can be designed according to your wishes - at no additional cost!

We are very proud of our 3S-Prefabricated houses, which we have been carefully developing and manufacturing over many years. And we will do everything in our power to assure that you will always be happy with your house.



Quick assembly
In a very short period of time, e.g. in 10 to 15 days, the 3S prefabricated house can be screwed together using the prefabricated parts and without cement or mortar - at any time of year (!).


Good value
The prefabricated parts are manufactured in our factory efficiently and without being influenced by the weather. Their assembly is carried out in a quick and simple manner - you can leave it all in our hands.


DIY - interior finish
The interior finish of our 3S prefabricated houses can be carried out without any problems by yourself or any skilled craftsman.



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