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A summer house brings more fun into your gardening life. It does not have to be big to help us relax and, at the same time, find inspiration in our gardening life. Thanks to the cheap price of this model, anybody can be the owner of a good, sturdy 3S summer house, anywhere. The big roof projection on the front, and the special 3S cornice to the sides, make it look very attractive.

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  Modell Heide
3S model Heide, size 2, extremely good value, with projecting monopitch roof and pergola on the front side - the summer house made of pre-cast concrete parts with monopitch roof, 2.67 m wide.

You can always enlarge the house in 1.25 m-sections, even later on. However, should you prefer a bigger summer house with a bigger monopitch roof, we would recommend the deeper model, Schauinsland. The summer house Heide is supplied to you in compliance with its description in our price list, with door and a one-sided, big wooden window, 99 cm high and 120 cm wide
(included in the price).

You will receive the assembly instructions, free of charge, when the materials are delivered.
When you have erected it over just one weekend, you will most certainly be proud of it and always want to enjoy it.    3S best-selling model Heide, PRICE INFO!

3S Taunus

The summer and holiday house, made of pre-cast concrete parts, with a 15-saddle roof, and a width of 3.9m.

"Taunus", with a width of 3.90 m and a height of 3.05 m at the ridge, is very spacious and, thanks to its pretty saddle roof and nicely finished gables, is the right home for wonderful holidays, for hunting and fishing. Its size and variability make it the ideal multipurpose building for offices, clubs, canteens and sales offices.

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The furnishing proposals that our design department has drawn to scale for you will give you some ideas about the many possibilities you have. Taunus is chosen by those who are looking for a cost-effective and sturdy model where little or no maintenance is necessary. We have noticed that most of our clients have had so much fun erecting the house and fitting it out themselves, that almost all of them choose the DIY-option, even if they have never done anything like it before. But you can also order our assembly service. What our clients like most about the "Taunus" house is the half-timbering effect of the panelled walls.

Each "Taunus" house is supplied to you in compliance with its description in our price list. You will receive the assembly instructions when the materials are delivered. The door and one 115 cm high window are included in the price.

You can also order further 3S doors made of wood or steel, and 3S windows with concrete frame and fixed glass, or windows that can be opened

to all sides , 33, 99 and 115 cm high, 120 cm wide, made of steel (one- of two-sided) or wood (one-sided), as well as shutters made of steel - you can place them very flexibly and simply screw them in, that's all.

Consoles for wall boards and workbenches help keep everything tidy and to create a work station. Clips are available for fixing the interior panels, so that you can easily prepare the house for the winter.

A 3S pergola is not only the ideal area to enjoy the fresh air, but also acts as a harmonious link between the house and the garden. On the left side you will find the 3S pergola which fits in with this house. Using the galvanised connections, you can easily screw it together and fix it to the house.

The 3S marquise on the front side of the pergola can easily be stowed away below the roof.

As an extra you can order very attractive natural-red brand name roof tiles.

With interior panelling - complying with the Insulating Standards for Residential Units - an energy-saving house.

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