This is the fast method of building prefabricated houses.
Sturdy construction without cement or mortar and with a 25-year warranty
  Your 3S prefabricated house will be built on economical floor boards instead of costly foundations.
  1st The assembly kit is carefully unloaded and stacked on the building site by the drivers.   2nd The solid wall board with its special moulding is put in place and simply screwed on without using mortar etc.
  3rd The strong beams for the ceiling with their cut-in edges are ready prepared for installation.   4th The beams have been inserted between the I-girders, and a counter bar is being fastened.
  5th The rafters are prepared and ready to be fastened.   6th The roof truss is put into place and fastened, forming the future attic room
  7th The service team place the roofing tiles in the correct manner.   8th The outer part of the house is complete. You can decorate it with the paint of your choice (delivered to you with the house).
The prefabricated house can be completed in 10 to 15 days, including windows, doors and a real tiled roof. Now it is time for the interior finish of the house - DIY, or by one of our local partners.

The advantage: The layout is variable and can even be changed later on if necessary.

service: We will help you with every issue related to your project.

Catalogue and information service
You will receive any catalogue you order and any information you need, by post, free of charge and without any obligation.

Design service
Based on their long experience in this area, the specialists in our design department have produced various interior design options. You may also design the layout of your house yourself.

Plans Planning application
We will produce the necessary building plans, building description and structural calculations.
We will also draw a layout plan for you, based on the ground plan you have sent us.
We are happy to take this kind of work off your shoulders. We will also readily inform you about the regulations of the relevant construction laws in your country.

Advisory service
Apart from our engineering department, our whole external advisory team is also at your disposal.

Financing service
The construction of a house will always have to be financed. We can calculate the total cost of what has to be fincanced as well as the monthly mortgage. This way, you will know immediately the monthly costs for your own house in comparison with the rent you are now paying. 3S will provide you, free of charge, with a personalised finance plan.

Provided there is access for our vehicle, all components will be delivered directly from our factory to your construction site, and stacked carefully exactly on the spot you indicate, next to the vehicle.
Assembly service
If you do not wish to choose the DIY option, you can order our assembly service. Our team will then construct the building for you.

If you order your house from us you will receive our full support for the entire project of constructing your 3S building; this includes, of course, the planning application, structural engineering and building plans.

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