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Ideal for associations, clubs, parties and meetings, easy to build in various sections.

The country house, with solid 3S walls, also includes a roofed terrace. The interior yard can be used as a nice, spacious venue for summer parties.

The 3S country house Bergland
offers unique advantages:

It is extremely good value, thanks to modern manufacturing techniques and inexpensive foundations.

Quick construction in only a few days, using 17mm spanners instead of cement or mortar and trowel. You can also hire our 3S assembly service. Variable in size, interior layout and design. Easy to prepare for the winter with the help of our clipset. Complies with the Insulation Standards for Residential Units (DIN 4108). Excellent insulation.

Our proof of quality: 25-year warranty on the 3S pre-cast concrete parts. The 3S house, officially type- and quality-checked in the Federal Republic of Germany, is top German quality.

Our services include: quick delivery on request, the friendly 3S after-sales service and, of course, the planning application.

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You can also erect this house easily yourself, thanks to the 3S modular construction method.

No frost proof foundations, no digging-in of posts: only if it is erected on a solid, flat base and using the dry construction method, it remains variable and movable.

You will receive the assembly instructions, free of charge, when the materials are delivered.
You can also hire our 3S assembly service.
With 3S it is possible!

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