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3S multipurpose shed "S2" without pillars

This spacious shed is suitable for craftsmen, as a garage or tire workshop or as a carpenter's shop.
Being an environmentally friendly and inexpensive multipurpose building, it can also be used as a warehouse.

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  The multipurpose shed S2, deliverable with or without canopy.
Gable width: 6.41m or 8.86m, length: from 6.41, standard interior room height: 2.93m, extra high version: 3.43m

7 important advantages for you:

  • Strong construction system
  • Sound-proofing in compliance with DIN 4109
  • Insulation in compliance with DIN 4108, saves heating costs
  • Quick erection by the 3S assembly and planning application service
  • Can be enlarged, moved or changed at any time
  • 3S-year warranty
  • Retains its value

It is also suitable for associations, e.g shooting clubs, carnival clubs, dancing associations etc., since this spacious and sturdy multipurpose shed, unlike other, conventional steel sheds, can be fully insulated in compliance with the Insulation Standards.
Moreover, it is extremely fire and sound proof. At the standard interior room height, it can be covered with tiles if wished.

Do you have special requirements, e.g. for the technical measurements or exterior design? Which size could be the right one for you? Our planning department will readily draw up a building plan for you, in line with the latest developments.

3S Multipurpose building - high
for exhibition rooms, offices, workshops and warehouses, made of solid pre-cast concrete parts.

Ideal for the small and medium-size enterprise.


1st Extremely cost-effective, thanks to modern manufacturing techniques and inexpensive foundations.
2nd Quick erection in only a few days, with 17 mm spanner instead of cement or mortar and trowel. Assembly service optional. Easily prepared for winter with clipset. Insulation as if for a residential unit (DIN 4108).
rd Variable in size, interior layout and design.
4th Can be combined with garage and carport.

Our services include: Quick delivery on request, the friendly 3S after-sales service and, of course, the planning application.

The 3S multipurpose house for craftsmen, service staff, as a warehouse or kiosk, can be enlarged and offers inexpensive space that retains its value.

Our proof of quality:
25-year warranty on the 3S pre-cast concrete parts.


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3S multipurpose building,
for guard houses, gatehouses and office space.

The 3S multipurpose building, officially type- and quality-checked for the Federal Republic of Germany, is top German quality.
Ideal for cost-effective company buildings.
The 3S solid construction system offers a building with a high level of security against burglary and fire. There are additional security devices available for doors and windows, as well as extra-safe windows with wired glass for warehouses etc.
3S - The specialist for inexpensive prefabricated buildings


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