Animal house  
Thanks to our long experience in the manufacture of animal houses, we are able to deliver first-class quality and state-of-the-art technology.
We only use top-quality reinforced concrete (B 55). Our houses for animals are available in many different widths, heights and lengths, with a flat or saddle roof. You can colaborate in every detail of their design. This is why our animal houses will meet your expectations, in every respect. With the size, color, design and roof of your choice as well as windows and doors for, say, a tool or work room, in different sizes and designs.
We will also provide you with the structural and building plans for the planning application for your 3S animal houses.
We will also readily advise you in any issue related with the building permit.

This is the better way
to a cost-effective and sturdy prefabricated animal house that will always retain its value.

Although the 3S animal house is made of solid, top-quality and quality-checked reinforced concrete, it costs much less than comparable products. Everything according to your choice!

... for example

The 3S animal house Frankenland, gabled roof 30
offers a huge storage area.
Adequate breeding of small animals, made in modern and attractive installations.
Animal houses made of 3S pre-cast concrete parts are resistent to rot.
They are easy to clean and do not require any special maintenance work.
The 3S house is especially burglar safe.
3S houses will always retain their value.
Thanks to the 3S modular building system, you can insert windows,
doors and exits for the animals according to your special requirements.
The easy DIY-building method of prefabricated parts for the animal house, following the illustrated instructions, helps save costs. However, it is also possible to order the 3S assembly service.
Size of your choice. Excellent insulation. Easy interior panelling with the help of the 3S clip set.
Unique: 25-year warranty on the 3S pre-cast concrete parts.

3S animal house Schauinsland
with exits for birds and exterior aviary,
in many different sizes.
Rot-resistent aviary.
Bird lovers prefer to keep their feathered friends in our safe 3S aviaries. The exits for the birds can be placed according to the client's requirements.
The exterior part of the aviary is affixed to the sturdy 3S bird house.
Our model Schauinsland is very popular, since it offers sufficient space for food, storage room and side rooms.
Cost-effective DIY-construction (1 to 2 days), assembly service optional.
Good insulation. Easy interior panelling with 3S clip set. Our animal houses are as safe as any other 3S house. They are resistant to rot, rust and fire. Easy to clean. Unique: 25-year warranty on the 3S pre-cast concrete parts. 3S offers an economical solution for animal houses that are suitable for each species in question. 3S pre-cast concrete is easy to clean and resistant to manure. 25- year warranty!

3S equipment and 3S special accessories increase the high practical value!
Windows and doors can be placed in variable positions. We therefore ask you to always indicate in your order if you wish to receive the product as it is in the picture, or if you require any adaptations or changes. All parts are 3S standard and can be exchanged and positioned according to your indications. You can even enlarge the house at a later stage. You may also screw on the standardized parts yourself and change them from one wall to another - and everything without chiselling, without mortar, and without plugs with a dry construction system, using only a spanner.

Big 3S steel windows which open to the outside, 120 cm wide, are available in three sizes:
approx. 33 cm as a pivot window (3rd), approx. 99 and 115 cm high as a two-sided window (1st), with wind fastener, all are galvanised, with a brown primary coat, and already contain the glass. The 33 cm-window is secured with wired glass.

Big wooden 3S pivot windows, which open towards the inside, either to the left or to the right, 120 cm wide, approx. 99 and 115 cm high, primed, and with the glass already inserted, with window drips made of aluminum. Window shutters optional. You may also order the 99 and 115 cm high windows with insulating glass, complying with the Insulation Standards for Residential Units. New: wooden pivot windows, 66 cm high, with insulating glass.

3S cement windows for fixed glass with puttied joint and translucent acrylic glass; they are burglar safe, due to their reduced measurments (a height of 18 cm and a width of 65 cm), easy to clean and extremely good value; instead of containing glass and a ventilation grid they can be ordered completely open as exits for the birds.

3S outer window bars with security tacks, galvanised, for all 3S 99 cm and 115 cm windows, even for a height of 33 cm.

Optional: 3S-PVC-shades, ivory-coloured, easy to handle from inside, a 3S prefabricated parts.

3S doorsare extremely broad with an inner width of 96 cm. The strong, welded 100% profile steel door is galvanised and primed. This door is also available for residential units in an insulated model that contains an inner lining in a wood-design. Both doors open to a 180-angle, include door handles and a security-cylinder lock and can be delivered opening to the left or to the right. Extremely burglar-proof!


3S animal house Dog kennel

The 3S house Schauinsland
Good value dog kennel especially designed for the purpose.

The kennels can be fitted with a covered interior corridor. The walls between the individual kennels are either solid or made of wire mesh (on a solid base, 66 cm high). If required, we integrate a food storage room and a quarantine kennel.
The inner kennels are almost completely sound-proof. For working animals, e.g. in the Public Service, the walls are totally closed off. The dog kennels comply with the German Customs Standards BfR 283 and HVO.

The 3S dog kennels consist of an inner box, a "resting area" and an outer part that serves as a contact zone. They are separated by a flap that can be handled from outside. The exit to the exterior part can left open or closed. A food bowl that is fillable from outside can be inserted in the grilled windows if required. Thanks to the 3S modular construction system, the kennels can be built exactly with the width and length you need in order to meet your requirements.

For decades, our kennels have prooved to be a good choice in the public and private sectors alike.
25-year warranty!

Do you have special requirements, e. g. for the technical measurements or the exterior design? Which size would suit your needs? Our planning department will gladly draw up a building plan for you, in line with the latest developments.

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